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STAT Team / Usha Lee McFarling
Usha Lee McFarling

Usha Lee McFarling

National Science Correspondent

Usha Lee McFarling is a national science correspondent for STAT, covering the toll of Covid-19 as well as people and trends behind biomedical advances in the western U.S. She previously reported for the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, Knight Ridder Washington Bureau, and the San Antonio Light, where she covered killer bees, bat rabies outbreaks, and cases of leprosy linked to armadillo taxidermy. Her work on the diseased state of the world's oceans earned the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory journalism. Usha graduated from Brown University with a degree in biology and later earned a master's degree at UC Berkeley after spending years studying the behavior of desert woodrats. She was also previously an artist-in-residence at the University of Washington.

Written By Usha Lee

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