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Automate clinical intelligence and landscape analysis

Get real-time updates on new trials, drug risks and competitor programs. Our AI is always on so you don’t have to be. On average, STAT Trials Pulse users save an average of 5+ hours per week.

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Trusted by the world’s most innovative biotech companies for competitive intelligence, business development, and investment research.

Visual dashboards and smart alerts allow you to surface early risk signals in your therapeutic area. By understanding the shortcomings of similar studies, you can avoid disruptions and optimize your own strategy.

STAT Trials Pulse features

Automation: Instantly sift out irrelevant and obsolete data

Save your team hours with AI that automatically removes unnecessary and out-of-date info. Focus instead on using the right data to proactively refine your clinical strategy and get life saving treatments to patients faster.

Contextual insights: Know when and why something happens

Unlike ambiguous email alerts that offer little explanation, you always get the full context behind any change. By understanding shortcomings (like why a trial isn’t progressing), you can confidently figure out your own drug’s market potential, define patient benchmarks, and set up a rock-solid clinical trial.

Early Risk Detection: Catch red flags months in advance

80% of clinical trials get delayed because of enrollment and drug development issues that aren’t always publicly announced. With STAT Trials Pulse, you’re always the first to know about any setbacks so you can adjust your trial or investment plan and save your team millions of dollars.

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Be the first to know about important shifts in clinical trials including roadblocks, results, recruitment activity, regulatory updates, timeline delays, and more.


For individuals life sciences professionals who want to monitor drug development with the same level of sophistication as a large organization.


For groups seeking to accelerate decision making in strategy, competitive positioning and investment opportunities.

STAT x Applied XL Partnership

STAT and Applied XL have partnered to bring you Trials Pulse. Applied XL brings to the table an experienced team of computational journalists and engineers that specialize in real-time information processing. STAT builds on its track record of telling compelling stories in health and medicine, to inform their clinical trials algorithm. By combining the precision of data science with the high standards of journalism, we’ve unlocked a powerful new way to surface the most relevant updates in the clinical trials space.