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Congress set up a massive, $178 billion fund in 2020 meant to help mitigate the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on health care providers, known as the Provider Relief Fund.

The Trump and Biden administrations haven’t always been reliable about sending out the money — or sending it on time. But STAT’s new analysis of a Health and Human Services database of the money reveals where it’s flowing and who has received the most so far.


By far, the largest payments were made to the nation’s biggest hospital systems. Fully five of the top 10 recipients of cash were New York City-area hospitals or health systems; together, they received some $3.1 billion. The New York and Presbyterian Hospital (usually styled “NewYork-Presbyterian”) alone brought in $631 million, topped only by the $1.2 billion that went to the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, a group that operates New York City’s sprawling system of public hospitals and clinics.

Chart of the top ten recipients of Covid-19 relief funds

STAT is publishing the entire database here in a searchable and sortable format.

Many smaller providers also benefited from the program. Of the 412,591 payments published so far, the median was just $12,530. Ninety percent of all payments were below $192,569.


Mississippi has the highest median payment amount of all states, at $17,563. The median payment in Vermont was the lowest, at $3,802. In Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory with a population greater than 21 states, the median payment was just $1,281. Puerto Rico also received less money overall than any state: $180,788,664 so far.

Below, explore all payments made to providers in each state. To get started, select a state and then click on the column headers in the table to sort by that column or use the search field to enter names of providers and/or cities to narrow down the results.

J. Emory Parker/STAT Source: U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration

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